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Foil Hair Coloring Naples FL

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Foil Hair Coloring in and near Naples Florida

Foil Hair Coloring in Naples

Whether you want to go a bit lighter, or add depth to your allover hair color, foil hair highlighting is an excellent choice.

Unless you wish to color your hair allover in one solid hue, our professionals will use foil to separate and section your hair to better apply the color or bleach; this allows for a more varied look and greater artistic highlighting placement.

The benefits of using foils for highlighting the hair are:
      •   It gives better control of highlight placement.
      •   It allows for the application of multiple colors in the same procedure.
      •   It gives easier management of the amount of highlighting you get.
      •   It provides more even coverage in the highlights all over the scalp.
      •   Allows the preservation of targeted areas of the hair when wanting to
          apply a general color and use the natural or original color as a “highlight”.

Foil Hair Coloring Naples FL
Naples Foil Hair Coloring
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Hair Salons Naples










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