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Gray Hair Coverage Naples FL

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Naples Gray Hair Coverage
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Hair Salons Naples

Gray Hair Coverage in and near Naples Florida

Gray Hair Coverage in Naples

Anyone who’s tried to color over their gray hair knows how tricky it can be. From stubborn grays to matching shades, sometimes you feel at your wit’s end. Well that’s what we are here for!

But did you know that some hair color shades are designed to give you better gray hair coverage than the regular ones? It all has to do with the way gray hair grows. In general, gray hair is more coarse and porous than regular hair. This means that it won’t absorb hair color the same way your regular hair did. That can make grays seem “stubborn” and “resistant.”

That’s why gray hair needs a stronger hair dye to get good coverage. A demi permanent hair color usually isn’t strong enough to settle into the pores of gray hair. Therefore, you’ll need to use a permanent hair dye if you really want to banish your grays. It’s also important to know that gray hair naturally lacks pigment, so it receives color differently than regular hair.

This means your best option for complete gray hair coverage is to go with a neutral hair color shade. Gold or red tones in your color can also help provide extra coverage over grays….neutral colors such as medium/sandy blonde, espresso/chocolate and neutral auburn/chestnut.

Gray Hair Coverage Naples FL
Naples Gray Hair Coverage
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Hair Salons Naples










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